Exposing Minority Lynching Saga

In recent times we are regularly listening in news that a Hindu mob thrashed some people to chant Jai Shri Ram or killed a person for eating beef. These types news becomes national sensational and the Hindu bashing starts on twitter and other social media platforms. Hindutva Terrorists, Intolerant India  like hashtags starts circulating. International media houses like BBC, Al Jazeera etc, too covers these issues fluently. Any incident against humanity are shameful. I strongly condemn these things but, can somebody tell me why these media houses never cover stories of love jihad and other issues? If a Hindu kills Muslim for any reason, it is given communal paint. But if a Non Hindu kills Hindus on religious grounds, no media even gives coverage to it. [1]  Why BBC is not making a documentary on Lavanya's case? [2]  Why Quint and Wire are not writing about Hindu's lynching after Krishna Bharwad's Murder? [3]  Why our leaders and journalists who were calling Hindus casteist d

5 biggest myths about casteism

Caste system is the most favourite topic of hinduphobics for Christian missionaries and maulanas to spread hate towards hinduism and misguide people to convert them. In my another blog  Exposing lies of Vedkabhed on caste system  I exposed the arguments of a hinduphobic blog writer. And now in this blog, I am gonna to discuss about the 5 biggest myths about caste system that people think are true. Myth #1 Shudras and Dalits are untouchables from 3000 years. Manuvadis (the followers of manusmriti) are oppressing them from thousand of years. Reality On one side Hinduphobics and leftist historians say that hindu scriptures and manusmriti is only 800 years old and on the other hand they say that manuvadis are oppressing them from 3000 years! If there was no manusmriti 3000 years ago, from where the manuvadis came to oppress shudras ? A French merchant and traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier traveled around Persia and India from 1630 to 1668.  He wrote about the Indian society in his writings;

Are Hindu gods cheater? Vedkabhed exposed

This blog is in response to another  blog  written by Vedkabhed. Suleiman's Claim In the Vedas, homage is paid to Rudra in following epithets, Yajur Veda 16.20-22 “…homage to the towering sword-bearer, to the Lord of thieves homage! Homage to the gliding robber…Homage to the cheat, to the arch-deceiver, to the Lord of stealers homage…to the Lord of robbers homage…to the Lord of plunderers homage…Lord of land-grabbers homage…” Tr. Ralph T.H. Griffith Devi Bhagavatam 7.33.1-19 “I am the “Sutrâtman, Hiranyagarbha that resides in subtle bodies and it is I that am the Virât, residing in the gross bodies. I am Brahmâ, Visnu, and Mahes’vara; I am the Brâhmâ, Vaisnavi and Raudrî S’aktis. I am the Sun, I am the Moon, I am the Stars; I am beast, birds, Chandâlas and I am the Thief, I am the cruel hunter; I am the virtuous highsouled persons and I am the female, male, and hermaphrodite. There is no doubt in this. O Mountain! Wherever there is anything, seen or heard, I always exist there, wit